The Deli

The Deli at Broyan's Farm Market features John F Martin (JFM) meats and cheeses. JFM products are produced in Myerstown, Pennsylvania.


Product Price
Bacon, Sliced | $6.09/lb.
Franks, Regular | $3.18/pack
German Bologna | $3.65/lb.
Ham of the Bone | $5.05/lb.
Hard Salami | $5.78/lb.
Hickory Smoked Ham | $4.40/lb.
John F Martin Roast Beef | $6.28/lb.
John F Martin Smoked Turkey Breast | $6.48/lb.
John F Martin Sweet Lebanon Bologna | $5.95/lb.
Lebanon Bologna | $5.85/lb.
Marval White Turkey Breast | $4.38/lb.


Product Price
John F Martin Farmers Cheese | $4.62/lb.
John F Martin Muenster Cheese | $4.25/lb.
John F Martin Pepper Jack Cheese | $4.55/lb.
John F Martin Provolone Cheese | $4.75/lb.
John F Martin White American | $4.02/lb.
Mozzarella Cheese | $4.89/pack
Pearl Valley Swiss | $5.38/lb.
White Cooper Cheese | $5.78/lb.

Hoagies & Sandwiches

Thumb Product Price
Fresh Made Hoagie, 8" Ham, Turkey, Roast Beef, or Italian
American, Provolone, or Swiss Cheese
Fresh Made Sandwich on a Kaiser Roll $3.00